Shri Durga Ji Public School

Teaching & Guidance


The aim of the guidance department is to be of assistance to pupils as they progress through Secondary school. They will be available to give help, advice or guidance to pupils in any situation which may worry the pupil or school.

The guidance teacher will meet with pupils from time to time on a one-to-one basis. Pupils are encouraged to see their guidance teacher if there is a situation they wish to discuss.

If parents wish to discuss any matter they should phone the school office to arrange an appointment with the relevant guidance teacher. Alternatively of they wish to leave a message then the guidance teacher will return the call as soon as possible.

Guidance staff devote a major part of their time to teaching social, health and careers Education as well as their specialist subjects

Teaching Methodology:

The teaching-learning environment would be positive, inclusive, and stimulating. It would be in the line and instruction of the CBSE and would develop the most innovative child centric classroom teaching methods.

Modern Public School has partnered with MEXUS Education to offer integrated CBSE curriculum through computer-aided solutions and access world-class education. Our in-class technology, provided by MEXUS.

Education, equips the teachers to arrange various digital resources to understand the aptitude of each child and cater individual needs.

Our online assessments and evaluation helps the teachers to judge and evaluate the true levels of learning. The process also results in the self-improvement of teaching towards efficiency.

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